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1. As Night Devours Day

Soulless soaring bird of prey with bloodshot human eyes; On the prowl for distinct disarray, as its horrible cry rips the sky; Feel gorge feast flock; To be preying upon the least; For the pit-born be...

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2. Carnivole

Come now come savor joy in its purest form; Rejoice and revel; Fill your cup drink up and witness the spectacle; Rapture of the highest level; Zest decrees panem et circense; Off the bone, bloody meat...

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3. Matricide

Swarming the surface, crawling all over hill and dale; An appalling lie of unicoloniality; Parasites nurturing, violently feasting on gifts of life; Isolated pinions in the machinery; Their spirit fue...

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4. Of Ember and Flame

Terrible scream of fright! wrenched from my throat in the heart of midnight; Thirsting for my blood they've come for me; Drag me along with their vengeful hate; The price of sin must duly be paid; The...

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5. The Drive To Hail Disorder

At times when a struggling mind is far to weak to cope; Crippled senses overdose on whatever means blank out the most; Come drown the notion in a vast and hideous venomous ocean; The deep shall veil d...

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6. There Shall Be Light

Disembodied souls piled up in the towers of deceit; Mesmerizing symbols of the freed; Bipolar minds forced into the catacombs of greed; Far beneath the towers of deceit; Architects of hollowness; Assa...

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7. Unseal Them Caskets

Yes - no - simultaneously; Where can it lead? A stage of justice, stage of certainty; A stage for malice, burn the dragon seed; Preying off of fear and pain; Slaying what is good and sane; Colorblind ...

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