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1. Archangel Asylum

There's a place I like to hide myself; Hidden there I feel I'm safe, alive! I can't remember the day I entered here; Long time ago; There were few memories; In rare lucidity of you! But you never - ca...

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2. Away

Away so far away; Lost into space and time; Away from my home; Today, only today; I wish I could; To get rid from this curse; This is a message from the heart; It says I´m coming home; Listen to my me...

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3. Can't Hold Back

There you go showin' off again; Don't you know the hold you got on me; You know I'm not complainin'; I'm just so tired of waitin'; I can't hold back; Though I'm tryin'; I can't hold back; I'm almost d...

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4. Heart Gone Cold

In the middle of the night; In the depth of her loneliness; You heard her cry; And with a whisper and a sigh; She was givin' you the last request; Thinkin' you'd die; But you turn around and walk away...

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5. Hellakin Riders

Back into time to the days of old right the year 1766; Close to a Spanish quarter called Liñares; Some say the dead men crawls into town harvesting pain, horror, agony; Galloping out from the darkness...

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6. I Did It For Love

Before you dismiss; my case is just this; i like to say a few words listen; dont you resiet; I did it for love; what more can i say? I only hope you understand me someday; Dont need to blame; im a lit...

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7. Innocence

One dime is all it all it cost me, and; I found out for sure; You know, that you double-crossed me; Just how much can I endure? Last night I was walkin'; And I saw you with my friend again; And you we...

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8. It's All Over Now

One more day; I can't believe what you're sayin'; So so strange; You and I were driftin' away; I just can't break away; The end of a long long line; Yeah yeah; Since you've gone away; I'm going out of...

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9. King Of The Dead

Some say the fate is a veil, Thin as a pale moonlight, Holds down the deepest secrets; Never achieved in life ... ; What if I give you the power; To unveil it before the right time; No more afraid of ...

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10. Love On The Rocks

You never learn from your mistakes; I don't think you're so special; The best defense was hard to take; The rest is incidental now; Don't come to me for help; Cause I'm out for myself; Go find somebod...

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11. No Mystery

You've been listenin' to all the wrong lines; Walkin' around with your head in the sky; Can't you see that I'm on your side; There's nothin' to prove and there's nothin' to hide; And you can stand on ...

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12. Overshadow

Through the blazing fire and the pouring rain; Once again we trail the same lane my friend; Shadow will come; To me, to you to everyone of us; Only in lack of light I will allow my friend; Hope is not...

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13. Superstitious Feeling

S-somewhere in the night turning to the right; Something clicks inside of your head; A taste of mystery creepin' over me; Shadows of an unknown dread; Superstitious Feelin', Superstitious Feelin'; The...

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14. The Bride

Why time is like an everlasting river; Image and water; Image is just the same but the water; Is always running on; Why choices are set in front of you; like cards upside down; Why the voice inside th...

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15. Thinking Of You

I was standing on the edge of town; I was doing my best to flag a taxi down; I was thinking of you; I was looking at your photograph; Couldn't help myself I just had to laugh; I was drinking to you; I...

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16. Three Days In Hell

Now appreciate; To be afraid, to feel frustrated; And caught between the life and loss; Ride eternally; No rest no peace, no hope to cease; A curse between the light and the dark; Fear lies ahead; It’...

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17. You Are The Light

You are the light; You are the light; Well every time we meet; I try to be cool; And mostly I feel like a fool; Well it's nothing you say; It's nothing you do; I guess I'm just crazy for you; Even whe...

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