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1. Clash Of Views

A clash of views; why don't you use your head? one interpretation; can't be for everyone. a difference of opinion; your mind to me seems to be closed. two enemies stand face to face; talk it out but d...

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2. Discrepancy

trying; giving; healing this pain everywhere; i'm giving you my energy; spread your arms open your mind; discrepancy; i respect your discrepancy; you better respect my discrepancy; you better respect ...

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3. Enemies

I don't need enemies; to attack me like a disease. destroying the ground; where i stand. never lending me; a helping hand to hold. ; destroying my life from the inside. making me wish as though i died...

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4. Face Reality

You long and search for identity; Thats why you say you are supreme; Intense frustration burns in me; Cause' you're unable to face reality; Your prejudice ways are so unreal; You judge us by skin forg...

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5. Horizons

on i look, for my place to be. i search and i run understanding. i want this feeling and i have this hope. i can't let go i have to go. ; give me some room; cause' if you don't give me my freedom; and...

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6. No One To Blame

why do we play; in this constant rage? a useless war; what for? conflicts arise, friendships are strained. feelings of anger, but no one to blame. ; all this competition; is holding back our scene. bl...

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7. Quick To Judge

your judgement past it won't last. in time we'll outgrow this mold this cast. you judge and restrict our message to a trend. open the doors and throw it away! chorus; more than just a presence or look...

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