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1. Forever Yours

Every time I look at you, I fly away; Every time I hold you, it my pain goes away; All I want is to be with you by my side; Without it I've got nowhere to run, I've got nowhere to hide; Coz' be with y...

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2. Hotter Than You

Your Kiss got fire; The hot mouth is wild; Your gun is your tongue; Your tongue is a liar; How can I resist when you please me; Now what I just say is; Take me down; Take me away; I spend my time; Thi...

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3. This Is Hard Rock

I've been everywhere , baby, I've seen it all; It's better watch out lady, ain't gonna reach you when you fall; I have no time to lose, and now you gotta choose; You got no escape baby, I've got your ...

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4. We Just Wanna Rock

They made us go to the school; They treat me like a fool; They think I am a strange; And it will never change; They think we just abuse; But they got nothing to lose; We got our amazing rock; We let t...

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5. Winter Rain

Everyday I remember the moment that I've met you; I'm feelin' lost; I'm feelin' lonely after I left you; But some things will never change; Oh lord I'm feelin' so strange; Like the winter passes, our ...

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