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1. Feels Like Destiny

Well I?ll say it but I only got to say it once. For some reason I?ve never seen myself living forever young. It?s got me scared to death; And I can hardly tell if I?m becoming a cunning version of you...

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2. Lying, Through The Cracks Of Your Teeth

Don?t make this harder than it has to be. You taught me bitterness when I gave up everything. Open up wide and swallow these words, you spoke. ; Now only time can heal these open wounds I feel. I thin...

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3. Oh, Alaska

My hands are shaking. Frostbitten from the cold. Have you ever had the feeling you?re losing all control? Your landscapes painted the most arctic of white. I never should?ve been there. Terrified for ...

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4. One Of Those Nights

It?s one of those nights when you panic in your bed, And you scream that you can?t fall asleep. No you can?t fall asleep. I?m awakened. Distracted by the ambulance lights. ; We hung ourselves on accid...

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5. The Arsonist

We were never pirates merely criminals and thieves. We were standing on our own two feet, and we were chasing the dream. Before we embark sailing through these stars? I must confess some things. Olymp...

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6. The Distance Is Treacherous

It?s continents and oceanic crust. Not something easily cured with our love. It?s the shortest summers and the heaviest air. ; We were vulnerable. We needed you there. My hands on the glass, it happen...

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7. Waves Like Skyscrapers

Everybody scream there?s a Tidal wave! Let?s make peace with ourselves before it breaks. Hopes aside we sleep with one eye open, And the other on the prize. ; To find yourself standing on this doorste...

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