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1. Die For Metal-Live For Death

What if the world brings you down to your knees? Would it kill your desire? Floodgates open releasing the seas; Would it put out your fire? And when the walls go crumbling in; Do you fall to the groun...

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2. Drivers To Hell

Now! The battle begins, the wages of sin; We're pissed and preparing for war; Yeah, lets sound the alarm and rally the troops; Hellfighters and now we want more; Denim and leather together we stand; H...

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3. Harbinger

On a perilous quest, to start the test; Ten miles east and ten miles west; Journeys across the forbidden lands; Through poisonous marshes and swirling sands; Defending the wrong, defending the right; ...

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4. Morningstar

Legacy of the belmont clan; Filled with war and pain; Each generation awaits the day; When the count shall rise again; Driven, relentless, he arms for the cause; Necklace of laurel, sign of the cross;...

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5. Poser Patrol

We're breaking down your doors; Hands up or we'll open fire; We don't take no shit; Fully loaded loose cannons for hire; So give up your fakes; Or prepare to be taken by force; We're drunk and mad as ...

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