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1. 5 Pm

What will it be like; To get to know you from another side; Will it still be you; When you walk into another life; Will I always remember; How it was to feel you near; Is that what I fear; five pm add...

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2. Africa

Africa, a woman; noone realy knows her name; Africa, an anyway; we drain the juice from her vains; She is black; And her curls are the threads; Of centuries; Higher, she wants higher; Africa, how deep...

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3. Big Boy

Is it a physical reaction? A final loss of satisfaction; You never noticed when you crossed the line; You had me just there where you wanted; You took my charity for granted; You blew your second chan...

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4. Cry For More

I wanna be cool - to keep your friends amused; I wanna be beautiful - a celebrated muse; I wanna be high - entertain you when youre blue; I wanna be wise - just because of you; Maybe then you would se...

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5. Fortune

here I am talking ´bout discoveries; emptyness, how silly everything can be; my words are strong; my acts are weak; the truth is different; I wanted all; now I am standing here, don´t give a damn; I a...

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6. From Above

A freefall in my head, exiting; A beautiful demand for me; All are willing - to do what I please; I´ll always be the best, baby; I will never rest, well, maybe; What if I don´t cry; Do you want to die...

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7. Go For It

wait - ´till - they´re - gone; before you are gonna start the game; make sure they´re not coming back again; try to move noiseless; if you can at all; wait ´till they´re gone; before you dare at all; ...

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8. Goodbye

Love – a fairytale in my old book of fantasy; trust – but better control before you want to believe; warmth – you’re totally hot or out there in the cold; wrong is what I was thinking; Say, that I am ...

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9. Happy Now

put me up; draw a letter on my skin; with your blood; scream it out loud; there is so much to laugh about; show me to everyone; with your finger pointing at my shame; make some stories up; I am the wi...

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10. If

i dont belong here(x2); Screw me up, you´re the one who understands; Pin me down now; with your lance, baby; Show me how; you would like it the most; Enjoy it baby, ´cause you´re the one; you´re the o...

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11. Like A Flower

this - is - my - world; this is my world; I am the queen; I´m doing what I want; can be really mean; I could grow strong; and have sharp thorns; go painfully through your skin; anytime I want; but whe...

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12. My Way

I know my aims; I know what I want; I got a chance; I won´t let it slip away; I have my dreams; I´ll change them to reality; I´m strong enough; It´s so extreme, I can´t stop; Still far away; But not t...

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13. Not That Kind Of Girl

shot me down and i'm falling; and in my head it's calling; you can be whatever you want to be, baby; i hide - you care for me; and you always say that you would see; angels in m eyes - and i can belie...

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14. Paralized

How it feels; How it is; People telling me about it 2x; For the first time you're falling; Noone hears you calling; No more time for your self-apologies; For the first time you feel it; Burning sky an...

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15. Show Me Heaven

I light up one more cigarette; watch the blue smoke; playing with my thoughts in the air; don´t wanna lose myself, lose myself; in this silent empty space; (in a silent empty space); you put your head...

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16. Stereotype

look out; in the morning; and you never see the sky; you know it; already; it is boring you to fly; I want more; all the time; everyday; I saw; I wanna get high again; never like that before; I wanna ...

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17. Violent Dreams

Sun is setting down; Shadows get bigger; Mean noises around; The air tastes bitter; Pictures start to move; They make bad faces; Bats are flying round; In fast races; The moon is greeting me; But I ca...

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18. Wasted

I have two wings to fly, but still I feel the gravity; I have two eyes to see, but the fog is blinding me; I have a healthy heart, but you dont let it beat; I have a right to live, you have a right to...

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