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1. Can't Recognize The Face

It may cost me everything, to follow, already been through hell and back; Since were into counting the costs we know exactly how much it抯 worth; Can I say the anger always builds up, easily, taken t...

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2. Cuts And Scrapes

Break it wide open; This is what I抦 hoping; For our cities; Too much violence; Can you hear the silence; Too many are afraid; I will find my way Tomorrow; You know cuts and scrapes will follow; Sick...

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3. Faith And Scene

You say it can not be but you are standing next to me; you say that being a Christian is an oxymoron to the scene; Well forgive me forgive me, the rule books never came, forgive me forgive me I was he...

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4. Hold Fast, Hold Still

Right here right now stand together; The dividing lines I will never accept never; Right place right time to tell the truth; We抳e heard all the lies it抯 nothing new; Break down; The walls; Break w...

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5. Ignition

Look in the face of frustration; Flip of the switch of the faith ignition; To bind me up; I抦 beginning to see your filthy hands; I抦 one to admit, I抳e taken for granted; Taken a leap and regret w...

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6. Jolt The Press

Fast, fast, fingers are typing; A paycheck with the lies you抮e writing; Character assignations; And the condemnation is flying; On last years favorite list; Turned your back without a gist; This fab...

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7. Letter Day

This doesn抰 have to be an ugly situation (no whoa); You can wipe the hatred from your face; I抦 not here to bring condemnation (no whoa); Cuz I抦 not your enemy; We抳e come this far, we aint goin...

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8. Make Some Noise

Make some noise with bold declaration; Make some noise with all you have; Make some noise without reservation; Make some noise for the son of man; These walls were made to be broken down; For our spir...

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9. Market Street and Needles

Market street and needles, now floating in the system, looked me in the eye ,you can't even miss it; The clinic the clinic increased methadone,5 percent rehabbed you wouldn't even know; That the probl...

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10. Pony Soldier

Do you hear the hiss in the lies; Are you worn out from the spin; Just wanting a taste of the truth; Cuz the madness makes you sick; A peace of mind is what you wanted to find; United we stand the res...

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11. Salutations

Starving nation, time to change the station, of what we抮e used to; No passion, we lack action, what are we gonna do; Change or stay the same, are we digging our graves; Change or stay the same, are ...

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12. Shoeshine champion

Shoeshine champion is in trouble, shoe shine champion where did you go; In the hussled fast pace of the city, better pay attention or you’ll miss everything; Junkies, whores, homeless, city life, a ...

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13. The Promised Land

Look at the knuckleheads standin on the corner; Tonight there won抰 be any drama; No fights, no threats, just havin fun; This time has finally come; The streets that are made of Gold; This is what I ...

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14. The Wife Of Noble Character

Many women do noble things; But you surpass them all; Charm is deceptive; Beauty is fleeting; A woman who fears the Lord; Is to be praised; Give her the reward; She has earned; And let her works bring...

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15. When The Truth Rings Out

Gone through life asking why I am here, looking for a quick fix solution that never adhered; Went through life fighting to be heard, no peace in this world found anywhere, man and it hurts; Jesus I su...

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16. Who's Hesitating

Hate the world plain and simple ,wanna see things in a different perspective; Running with the boys that know it's been all about the bitter rhetoric; Everyone knows who the toughest lad is and who th...

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17. You're Not Alone

Stark raving mad with angry faces; Hangin out at all the usual places; Dropin all the slogans from the hip; reciting the best written rhetoric; Alleyway boys and rival crews; Used to be friends and no...

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