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1. Hungry Eyes

It's a sci-fi high; Glued to the tube; You think you're watchin' her; She's really watchin' you; She's somewhere in between a vision; And your wildest dreams; One message from her lips; Your body ache...

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2. Metal Of The Night

It was 3 a. m. , we were listening to the radio; I heard a two fisted sound comin' on like a cannonball; Fahrenheit one-o-five it was screamin' like a buzzsaw; If you please turn it up; I don't believ...

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3. Should Be Rockin'

C'mon; It's been so long; Since we've been this way; Lonely, lonely, lonely nights; But help is on the way; Stand up; Let me see your hands; All the way from scalpers row; Up to the highest stands; We...

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