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1. Bang Bang You're Dead

Bang bang you're dead; You let me down, again; Guess I thought you were my friend; But you let me down again; Tell me, can't you tell me; Go on and tell me that it's true; Call me, can't you call me; ...

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2. Let's Talk

See im just the one, The one who looks over, A timid and shy smile, If only I could be bolder, I know I could try, But I don't think those words would come out right, But I know I could try, So here i...

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3. Lost Cause

Don't even know anymore where to begin; Don't even know anymore who's a friend; Running on a tread that never ends all the time; Ideas come and then they disappear; Fear is gone and then it's standing...

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4. The Beat Stuff

It's like you said, This is way too tough, We've gone away to make it out there all alone, Out there on our own, ; When times get tough, You've got me back, Don't know what I'd do without you, I'd be ...

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5. The Deep End

I can't play this game for you. Your vowels are all gone and Scrabble's left only consonants for you. I can't say if it's right or if it's the wrong thing to do. Are you calling from a pay phone this ...

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6. The National

It's as if you brushed across my way, Your scent gave you all away, Im ok to say your just a face, your just a face, The other day, someone mentioned you name; It brought back, hurt and all your pain,...

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7. Thick Skin

Come on down and pay a visit to the circus; It won't cost you much; Just come prepared with some thick skin; We can all get along for the first five minutes; Then from there, just hold your breath; Tr...

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8. This Is Good

Well I guess this isn't what I had in mind; and I can already tell by the way that you talk; that you've got something to hide. But the night is so young; and the day was so long; we can be lovers in ...

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