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1. A Song About An Anglerfish

Yes it's true that I once went through life; As the guy who always had to rhyme life with strife; Yes I've been burned and I've been spurned; And through it all, yes I have learned; That love is not a...

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2. Accio Deathly Hallows

I'm gettin kinda tired of this; Prepublication media blitz; You've got all of muggle kind under your spell; Don't you know the whole world's already gone; And reserved a copy at amazon; How many more ...

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3. I Love Science

I Love Science; Can you even imagine; (Way back in the past when); We thought that storms were caused by petty gods; Fightin' on top of a mountain; And yeah I like a good story; But eventually it's go...

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4. Looking For Alaska

I hope you're somewhere warm and white; Like the flowers in your car; You've escaped this labyrinth of suffering; Wherever you are; I got a piece of you; Tucked away deep inside my mind; Memories of y...

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5. Strange Charm

A quark is a fundamental constituent of matter; Observed in 1968 through; Deep elastic scatter; We found that protons; Aren't as simple as we thought; We thought they were solid particles; But they ar...

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6. The Nerdfighter Song

So the fact that I am nerdy, is obviously true; If you wanna get to my heart you gotta be nerdy too; You should follow the vlogbrothers; On their youtube channel; And it would be nice if your forte wa...

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7. This Is Not Harry Potter

Something just occuredw to me as I was reading; Another book I'd heard; As the next big thing; I thought what would I give, if it could be true; If I could ever feel again; The way I felt when I read ...

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8. This Isn't Hogwarts

I hate this place, I can barely keep the misery off my face, Yeah there's one place I much rather be, Taking transfiguration and arithmancy, And hanging with my friends in the owlery, But instead I'm ...

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