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1. After All

What happened to us? - We are somewhere save right now; After pain has taken over, a light led us through the wall; I can see the room turned over and an endless world so true; My body somewhere else ...

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2. Burn

Why do I have to hurt you ? I know - you want me to; I didn't know I could act that way; You hated it but now you stay; Spirals have to return for you; We just act and react - it's true; The same movi...

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3. City Lights

It feels so hot and I'm alone; Citylights don't let me sleep; The night is young - I gotta go; somewhere to find relief; I roam through the streets at night; somewhere is a riot; I want to find a plac...

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4. Eaten Alive

I want this, I want this…; I think that we never left the stage of primary, we still react the same to the things that we see. When the earth was out of control for mankind - just unpredictable. Clums...

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5. Fight Together

There's something that is on my mind all the time:; Is there unitity with me and you? Is there anything that can be true - in this scene? What Do you mean? Is it all about ego-shit and competition? Yo...

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6. Future Noir

Look at the future - Future Noir. It will come to an End - Future Noir; Politics of interest, Survival of the fittest; Monopolisation, global express, First and No class; Culture wipe out, Male bondin...

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7. Iced Icon

It's burning under my skin - I think it's time to explode; Whatever you said, whatever you did, it was always - about you! I should do what you want - serve in your army; therefore I'm good enough - t...

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8. In My Room

In my room, I hear sounds, they want me to be found. It just feels like the last drops are getting sucked out of me. I would die to finish this, but I don't even - get the chance. It is time to give i...

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9. The Rats

I have to hold on to something, the suction gets too intense. I feel the chaos coming, so silent outside. But the mood is changing, and the energy turns and the night becomes just a deep black hole! M...

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10. Untouchable

Long time ago - ages and generations; It took us to grow - And I saw , we're all the same; In our breed, there is a thing; It turns me into a creature; that doesn't feel at all; After dissapointments ...

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11. War Extreme V4

Let's go ... Let's go ... Let's go; AGM 84 D , Missiles, Stealth fighters , Apache Attack Helicopters, GBU-28 Bunker-buster , AGM 65, Maverick, Tanks, Landmines,Thomahawks, B52's , Patrol!! They belon...

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