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1. All Rise For The Hangman

He comes from the land of the dead. Leaving his victims with eyes full of dread. The crime has been done and the price will be paid. All hell breaks loose and justice is being made. ; CHORUS:; Strech ...

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2. M.d.k. (murderdeathkill)

Paranoia the enemy within. The killer instinct gets under your skin. Slowly but safetly you're growing insane. Regecting all pleasure and begging for pain. ; MURDER DEATH KILL; The desire to kill is g...

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3. Scum Of My Earth

You are the filth scum of my earth, you're a hated creep that keeps on living. Your rotting brain in dangerous for the public, your cat soul remains insane. ; CHORUS:; Your time is up, you stayed here...

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4. Sinners Of Sodom

Evil behold, gore believe, bigger then hell, dead with no soul. Born in Sodom, cursed by god, bloody corpse, slaughter with one goal. Covered with vermin, eaten inside, jaws of death, no one can hide....

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5. Slut

Slut! that's what you are stupid girl, you maybe fooled me but you're -; Slut! Dont run away from it bitch, because that's what you're destened to -; Be! You stuck a knife in my back, but now I can se...

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6. Temple Of The Dead

Come inside the temple you'll see; A lifetime of forsaken misery; A place where a warrior come to die; Legendry tales of pure destruction; Servent of the gods long ago; Screaming their graves from dow...

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