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1. City Lights

City lights, pretty, bright and fair; Twinkling in my eyes, I couldn't help but glare; I'll be just fine by my lonesome self; You and I, we used to have it all; Until you set your sights on the bustle...

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2. Company Town

And that train rolled by; Northbound its steam billowing high; And my hopes they reach its height; I'm far below that lustrous sky, my eyes; Blink the dust away; Grit coats the roads, the shacks, the ...

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3. Here Come The Troops

Once upon a thrill walking upon the hill; I saw the army come marching to a drum; Coming one by one and two by two; We've got a lot to do put on your polished shoes; Make yourself look fine pretty you...

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4. I'm Not Going Home

Down the scenic roads I roll; Color on the tree line; This autumn day, we roam; Until the sun sets in the evening and we tire; I'm not going home; Thinking about the shoreline past in summer days; Wav...

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5. Pebble Spirit

Remember when; We'd spend those summer weeks; At your grandfather's orchard; In sharpsburg on antietam creek? He'd work in those fields; Picking pippins to sell back in town; We'd help all through mor...

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6. The Great Divide

23 Times leaves have changed their color in my life; Now summer eves wind down; To windy blustery days; Blowing leaves around; My great great grandfather; In 1869 crossed the great divide; To put old ...

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7. This Strange Life

A wise man, I am not yet; I am learning from my mistakes; I am yearning, I am burning; To find the secret ways of this strange life; And it has not, no it has not; Occurred to me that I won't ever ach...

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