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1. Blood Ridden Skies

Under blood ridden skies; Reflect my eyes; Full of pain; Under blood ridden skies; I close my eyes; To the pain; Sorrow will remain; And I'll cry lamentation; Anger seeps in every pore; Now I am lost ...

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2. Hanging Doll

This mask of apathy, The scars beneath, Reveal the echo of this solitary slave; This unrequited desire, Lies in a void of sorrow, Asphyxiated from my yearning to embrace; Your touch would Sanctify, My...

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3. Hope Springs Eternal

Furies siege to thwart; Nor shall they ever be; Invincible in my quest; But shan't escape impunity; The scars, the wounds; Damnation; Be not in vain; In adversity; I'd die a... thousand deaths through...

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4. Sweet Retribution

I hear whispers, Through your frostbitten eyes; I don't want you to be, The subject of my demise; Before you go; I want you to know; Your time will come; Sweet retribution; Your time will come; In hig...

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