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1. Be Mine

I was looking for a place to go; A place outside my troubled hole; Where I can breathe and breathe slow; I let my legs slip out of control; And so I try my best to be; About as smooth as the people I ...

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2. He Wanted More

I was dazing through the window when he said; Where did your hand go? Don't stop playing with me; Many hours he hasn't come yet and my arm it is aching; Giving in tô defeat; He tells me other girls ar...

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3. My Toy

My bed is shaped just tight for one; My friends are dead, I'm left with no one; I met a boy who never talks; Plastic body with no complications; And everybody thinks I'm strange; Just come and see my ...

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4. Other Town

I ran away from a real name; And now I paint on a newer face; To face the world from a better place; I will run till my legs stop itchin'; Running to the other town; Where heads are upside down; Livin...

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