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1. Falling In The Darkness

Falling In The Darkness; Chorus:; Falling in the darkness; Living in the hell; The only light that I see is myself; One thing for sure that still the same; That young folk are from a noble aim; And th...

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2. Hands Of Grease

Hands Of Grease; Take a look around; What can you see; A couple of nice guys; Or the Hands Of Grease; Chorus:; Playing rock n' roll; Making all for fun; Making all be broken; To keep the rock alive; N...

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3. Maverick

Poisoned machine; Moved by the rage; V8 rageous motor; Burning every road; The fuel of aggression; Fire, fire, fire; It can pass through the hell; Fearing everyone; With his devil sound; Chorus:; Mave...

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4. Pain

Pain; The life is begining; The pain is starting; This world is sad; And the people are mad! Chorus: (2x); The life is pain; And I live this suffer; The madness again; The unknow fate, I'm master; The...

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5. Spitfire

Spitfire; Welcome to the place; The place where Spitfire stays; He wants to burn you; He wants to kill you; Chorus:; Spitfire; Will burn you; Spitfire; Will kill you; And if you ever scape; He'll run ...

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