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1. Believing In Words

Cover me I might stop trusting in words; Until I See the hesitation they both have to learn; It?s so easy to break your heart, just wait your turn; Trust in me, cause I might stop believing in words; ...

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2. Mariposa

[verse 1:]; We try and try to make the life* .... Only we know he could write.... And still we think?.... We hold the pen!.... This city sleeps not knowing.... What gifts we could be showing.... In yo...

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3. New Chapter

[verse 1:]; On the winds of a southern sky.... I?m lifted to this dark cloud.... That rained on you and made you cry.... So sorry for the clear skies.... You saw me soaring through.... Just pull me do...

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4. She Said

[verse 1:]; I can feel your body moving slowly.... With a presence that?s almost ghostly.... I look around with bloodshot eyes.... And find you holding on so tight.... I?d leave my whole life all in y...

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