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1. Anvil

Fifty-two bricks stared me dead in the face; While this anvil hung above my head patiently waiting; There's nothing left for us in Denver tonight; Let's finish up the drive; And scrape up the rest of ...

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2. Anywhere But Home

Somewhere between St. Paul and Sioux City; Jake fell asleep at the wheel; I woke up to the rumble strips; And then it all became so real; That there's no one at home waiting for me; And there's nothin...

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3. Front Porch Sunrise

This isn't good morning, this is gracious bad news; I was calling to scar you with what I'm 'bout to do; 'Cause you burned your sorrows and I burned mine too; But you kept the ashes and now they're ke...

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4. Knott Sky or Luckie?

If you find fate tell him I said, "fuck him! "; In lessons he learned, he never learned stay; A cheap one-liner, a steady drink; I wonder if it's all I'll ever be; I chased this dream across a country...

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5. Sleep Deprived

I won't forget the day that the fire in your eyes died; I choked down the memories; I said goodbye to you and me; I just can't do this anymore; The best of luck I hope you find what you've been search...

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6. The Loved Ones Who Hate Us

Broken down stages and no hourly wages; A sunburn for weeks and all our loved ones still hate us; A winter night in Portland, I walked out the door to wander; The city and I asked myself if anyone sti...

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