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1. A Silver Medal

Touché is what I'm looking for; To find all the things I have ignored; Surely you'll find away to loose the grip and stop the sign; Now play the cards at hand to deal the day of your pretend; Stop and...

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2. Allude

When suggestion blank memories, we all have a reason for right. By the twist of a wrist, who will force me? I'm calling you out. ; I'm hoping I can see your cruel intentions. Just long enough to breat...

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3. Bravo

Right now I'm concentrating; to kick starts my lover's heart. Then you'll say congratulations. Once I tired, to display an emotion, but forgot the fact I'm so timid; Your rules of motivation is not to...

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4. Dufresne, Party Of Six

When the walls came crashing down, it was the loudest sound; I've ever felt. And it filled my lungs with dismay. But she won't care; he won't care. We will save ourselves; One more chance to breathe a...

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5. In A Name

My actions are useless. We thought we've seen it all, Time and time again; Is this a dream? Or can I call you in the morning? As we go through this; Slowly the picture fades; Thoughts won't fade away;...

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6. Insult With Injuries

Stuck in the silence you sing. It almost sounds like your in key with your mouth stitched shut. ; Whose thoughts are backwards? Now turn the page once and for all; Set your mind on free fall; That is ...

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7. Preamble

Run it down to make it close! What you've said, you said in circles! Won't you please let us try to find out! Run it down……Away; Take ten paces and turn to your fortune. You shot me down with your wor...

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8. Predictable Gathering

When I write, I suffer. Sticks like a famous name, you can't pencil with paper stains. Something has already clouded my judgment. The price we pay for expensive faults. ; It's all in me, to figure out...

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9. Reused Decision

A relaxed decision made our way; I'm failing fast; Can a circle become straight? The moments lost and now it's more to grab; I'm losing vain; Decision made on a fickle break; Now that the balance is o...

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10. The Arson

With a bottle of gasoline and a callous match, Who could be this envious? Well I know it sounds just like anarchy. But we all hide behind our wall and alias, And wait for the perfect time to strike. ;...

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