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1. Chimera

Fire in my lungs; The blood it seem to run; The things I could do; If you only knew; You'd pray that I cut you loose; The feel that I reclaimed; Crawling up my spine; I was calm and composed; Now you ...

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2. Clay

You'll never see things how they truly are; You're struck in your own world and of couse; You're the star; How could you ever lose; when you're playing me; I guess everything's easy when you're that c...

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3. Hallelujah

I heard there was a secret chord; that david played and it pleased the lord; but you don't really care for music, do you; well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth; the minor fall and the major lif...

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4. Just A Phase

Enchanted by the light; It even took me by surprise; You thought I lost myself; But maybe I found myself; But I'm still the girl you always knew; You blame me; But maybe; It's just a phase; Hopefully ...

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5. Let Me Be

Tonight I feel so angry; Tonight I feel so lonely; Tonight I know you’re angry with me; And I ‘m sorry; Don’t cry, baby; Hush, don’t cry, baby; Hush, don’t cry, baby; Hush, don’t cry…; Just let me be....

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6. Need

I'm not quite sure how to breathe; Without you here; I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye; To all we were; Be with me; Stay with me; Just for now; Let the time decide when I won't need you; ...

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7. Never Learned To Lie

all the world lay before her feet; and sky above her; after him all that she believes; no one could love her now; just a place that no one wants to go; all in time; you change your mind; for wrong or ...

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8. Red Death Ball

nothing much to see, but a sad, sad, girl; in purple polka dots; and her long black curls. she sorts the sad remains; of her broken baby dolls; such delicate delight; in the red death ball. ; but they...

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9. These Two Hands

I have only this breath; to keep this moment; at the dawn of today; All the mystery left; is here before me; but can my heart turn away? I've come too far now... ; These four walls could never hold me...

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10. Together Forever

I could not hide cause he knew me; he looked right through me; when I looked away and I held on; but inside I felt my needs; I could not breath I could not think; as I faded away... ; well, you love m...

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11. World Of One

if all of this washed away, would i be an open hand; or would i just be insignificant? none of us have the time to be; callused, careless hearts; but could we be; more significant? we're just empty fa...

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