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1. I Hope

And I wont let this go further; Hey Dan, can you pick me up out front? There's not a thing left for us here. This place is fucked, I can't stay here anymore. Let's get the hell out of here. ; So to th...

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2. Interstate

I look in your eyes, your hand in mine. Please don't let me go home tonight. Let's get in the car and drive away, drive far away from this place. Forget about school and; I'll forget about work for ju...

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3. Moss Lane

I'd break through concrete walls just to see you. To see your eyes shine through to find my way home. You've found my way home. ; Cut open my chest I'll give you my heart. Take this heart, take this h...

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4. To Grow

Well the raindrops on my glasses just serve as a reminder of the miserable gray settling over rhode island, And taking up a permanent residence in my bones, And making it impossible to stand on my own...

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5. Windshield

Yeah just turn back around before; I plant my fist right into your skull. And I'm so sick of seeing you around and I'm sick of your shit. Hey dude it's nothing personal anymore. That was high school t...

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