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1. Hed

Here I am; Open-eyed; Lost my mind; Say goodbye; In my mind; I see time; Hope to have; Some peace of mind; De de deh; I'm around this time; And I see; all around the world; And I hope; I'll get by som...

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2. Hole

Touch me again; I told you; In the end; You would never pass my way; Again; Again; Again; I said I said I'd never cry; You said you'd never lie; Here we are, here we go; Again; Again; Again; Round and...

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3. No

Close the door and run your eyes; I hope you never glamorize; The bad times; Oh the bad; She will run and she will hide; And I will never understand; Anything; Treat you bad and treat you right; Given...

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4. Outside

Here you sit and; there i had to go to; serenity; oh serenity; teach me how to touch; the things you read; the things you watch; oh cross my heart; and give me anything; Outside; one world; here now; ...

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5. Simple Passing

Here we are... Passing round the stories; All the things they taught us; Well, yeah, they taught us well now; We've only got this moment; and some would about it; "It isn't much"; Yeah, it isn't much ...

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6. Trip

You treat me like summer sunshine; Takes you all the way around; To find out; That you're just like sunshine; You lost, yeah you lost; 'Cause you never stood your ground; You waited; For something my ...

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7. Under the Moon

You see her passing by; You wonder where she comes from; Friends say she passes at night; And it's somewhere under the moon; Though she's a thousand faces; She's shown you hers before; Unforgettable t...

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8. When 3 Is 2

When the world takes a bite; Left totally in the blur of the last night; Then and now don't make much sense; Twisted souls are the only evidence; I wonder why I do the things I do; One plus one has al...

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