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1. Conquer

I am the geat Mighty Poo. ANd i' going to throw my shit at you. A huge supply of tish. Come from my chocolate starfish. How about some scat you little twat.

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2. Mudará

você só precisa entender; que nada mais será como ontem.. o amanha muda a cada momento; posso não te ter mais morrer por você; mas tem coisas que nunca mudam; e amanha, com ou sem você; estarei confus...

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3. Trying

Do you know who is she; with that wrong guy; that beautiful girl; with that loser guy; One day she will be mine; We will be more happy; I'm not saying that we will not argie; And Here I am; Tryng to m...

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4. Ugly People

I saw you in the beach, to the side of the sea; it was a vision, I was until you and I spoke; fuck, you are very ugly; never saw nobody thus; when I arrived in the school; there she was you; seated in...

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5. Won't Give Up

I'M STANDING HERE waiting for you; I'M LOST DEER, please apologize me; JUST AS YOU SAID, I't isn't possible; I STIL HAVE HOPE ABOUT US; Let's try one more time, I dream with you all nights; We eill be...

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