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1. Evensong

You disappeared. Where did you go? Are you tracing finger fjords on a northern sea vessel? And now you're on tv and winning lotteries; And finding meaning hiding in everything; And I'm all heartsore o...

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2. I'll Carry You Two

How does it feel; To know that you are loved so much; I love you more than you can see; This is everything you are to me

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3. Milkdrunk

When I reach beyond myself; I'm amazed at what I find; There's a world outside of me; So much anger, so much rage; When I reach beyond myself; Overwhelmed and afraid; There's a world bigger than me; A...

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4. Morsecode

Write your codes; Throw me off; I've captured your enigma machine; Better have tried; And consequently fell; They lacked this fine decoder ring; I am here; I read you; Loud and clear; I am here; I rea...

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5. Present Tense

And she was always so defensive; Like nothing was ever her fault; Or her responsibility; And this is all i have left to hold; A delicate balance has been exposed; And now it towers around us all; Just...

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6. Things Stay The Same

I don't think that you're being unreasonable; 28, 29; You wait; These are such basic things; You shouldn't have to voice them, But you do; And in your eyes; Stars are only Christmas lights; And silk t...

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7. Today

Today I feel surrounded; Today I am connected; Today I am a part of something more; As if every cell were singing; Still, I can't embrace it; Every silver lining has a cloud; But not so far; I keep wa...

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