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1. Atlanta In Ashes

How did we lose all this; it seemed is was an evident bliss; overconfident it would be won; not a nation given to one song; i won't fight for a gentlemen's cause; shot in the back by misguided gun; (N...

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2. Better Me

All of these signs are pointing toward me; And I’m wondering what’s in store; I’ve read all the symbols while the others have ignored; And now in my sleep I can hear their voices; Asking me who I am; ...

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3. Cast Aside

I trusted everything that you said to me; You told me you’d be there every step of the way; Suspicion has been building, this house is filled with lies; This vicious cycle’s turning; I feel nothing bu...

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4. Desolation

Show me some kind of sign; I’ve been caught in this cold outside; Can you confine this, this chasm between us somehow; Is there anything, or any words at all; Provide our fate so open is there anythin...

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5. Fingers Like A Gun

This is what I’ve become; A shadow of the man I used to be; A figure standing silently; I fell into the darkness, it swallowed me; This hell, I can’t escape from; I’m afraid of losing, control of myse...

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6. In The Name Of Your Dead

Treaties are written on history’s pages; But no one wins wars by evacuation; I guess superpowers control for a reason; In the name of your dead drive on; Let no heart be faint, let the battle rage on;...

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7. Scarlet Canvas

How deeply by this capture, I’ve been moved; I can see you’re onto me, but do you know I’m onto you; (You don’t know how pathetic you are, to me); Don’t make this hard, harder than it has to be; Don’t...

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8. Siphon

I think that this is hopeless; I’ve given in to my fear, and it’s controlling me; Blinded by our passion, I’m mystified; Left with nothing to say; It takes more than a good intention, to cover the lie...

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