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1. Break Down The Walls

Time has come… to batter down the bridge behind you; The fate is done for you… and all your dreams come true; Now way back… your heart is pounding now in your neck; Time to hit the road… never, never ...

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2. Chance To Be Free

I walk the dirty streets tonight; Black haze covers the town there’s no more light; And when the night is coming; Darkened thoughts run through my tired mind:; We’re alone – and our hearts are made of...

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3. Desire To Fly

Have you ever felt; The sky is so far; And weekdays press you; Deep into the tar; There’s nothing left to stay; Your dreams are far away; There’s no more reason; For you to stay – no way; Leave the ea...

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4. Face To Face

You’ve broken the ancient law; You’ve called the demons of war; You’ve played with fire, you pay the price for sure; Face to face just you and me; We unleash our hates; Stare into my eyes and be afrai...

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5. Final Warning

Tell me what you see when you look in my eyes? Tell me what you think? What’s deep inside? Who do you think I am, staring into my face? You don’t know me, you’ve never felt the evil embrace; I roam th...

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6. Gods Of War

Standing and waiting for the ultimate command; The Platoon is ready to strike; The sun’s turning black and the hell’s breaking loose; Roaring thunder hits the ground; Marching through rain of fire; On...

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7. Hell Is Rising

Ride on the wings of sound, like demons in the night; Burn – burn to the core, the madness owns you mind; War of flesh and blood - just don’t wait for the dawn; Devastating volume of amps will always ...

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8. Horsepower

With lightning speed; World’s under my feet; Riding the sky; Horsepowers cry; With burning heart; Press button ‘start’; You mustn’t slow down; You’ll fall behind; Horsepower; Running and flying devili...

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9. Hurricane

Riding on roaring winds, facing the future; The bone – breaking power leads to the other side; The pure metal gives us the strength to this life; Won’t give up till the music unites; Time is a lightni...

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10. No Way Out

There’s no way out, I’m trapped in my body, The words try to break through my skin; The thoughts are eating the spirit inside me; What is this hell I’m living in? Circle of lies – full of emptiness; M...

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11. Seeking The Truth

You’ve built your world, your empire’s completed now; Founded on mistakes and lies; Your smiling mask – shelter covers and protects you; But there’s something you cannot hide; We know all your masters...

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12. The Power's Breaking Loose

I’m standing on the hilltop when the hours go passing by; I’m staring at a point where all the mountains meet the sky; The sun is shining high above but fear is all around; Something makes me restless...

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13. Welcome To Hell

Faceless hunters shoot down from the hills; In the valley the city is bleeding; Mortar shells plough the walls on the streets; The flying bullets are screaming; O-O-O we’re still alive; Leaving the pa...

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14. When The Day Has Come

Now the day has come to fly – touch the rainbow in the sky; Look into your dreams and find the way; Here i am to hear your call, you are standing not alone; All who want to stop us – they will pay; Wa...

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