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1. Amnésia

O mundo está mudando (and we are nothing); Em tempos de medo e angustia (a distorted reality in your mind); Lembranças que viraram cinzas ao chão (a way to start this); O que fizemos a nós mesmos? (an...

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2. Blood Hand

Look at me; See my blood; Shed in your name; My cuts are deep; Wounds healed before; Are open again; Without questions follow his orders; Without mercy messed my hands; I sank into my soul (blood) of ...

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3. Burning Your Soul

Everyday I look for you; Everyday I feel the smell; It comes as cold embrace; Get lost in this fog is easy; Show me your pain; Look around its a sea of madness; Hear the dogs, they're coming for you; ...

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4. Possessed

Of your dreams; Who turned nightmare; Of your nightmares I am the image; That pursues your day; I am the path of pain and misery; Nothing beyond my way is right; Kneel before me; Can be worse than you...

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5. Rise Again

Bite the neck until; You die by our hands; Feel the pain eternal damnation; Becometh the undead; This time we're gonna get you; This time we'll rise again; We'll make you understand; Judgement has com...

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