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1. Don't Leave

I can see what you're trying to do; Too bad I'm not that easily fooled; And after all we'd been through; I thought I meant more to you; Give me something honey; I'm so confused; It's not you; It's not...

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2. Fragile and The Frail

The fragile and the frail have woken; For our hearts and our minds are broken; Our hearts must try and focus; We've abstained from the name that they've prayed for; Of acclaim, now we're shamed, we're...

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3. In Memory Of

I want to see you back; I want more than this; Like things had never happened; I say your name at the sky; It hopes you'll come down to me; And soon I'll see you again; I'll go on thinking; I want mor...

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4. Last Dance

Stop tonight before the downpour; The city dam will break and flood the town; That we sleep in; And we'll all drown, and we'll all drown; I know that everything good was intended; But now it's obvious...

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5. Limerence

They were the picture perfect high school sweethearts; But he decided to move on with life; At first it seemed like nothing went wrong but she had gone; Right out of her mind; When he found out; It's ...

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6. Look What You Did

Look what you did; Reduced to nothin' in the blink of an eye; Why oh why; Now all your time left; Rests on regrets of warning signs; You'll mourn more nights; Losing faith you should've listen to me; ...

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7. Love Was Just a Lie

With eyes like emeralds; And lies like heroin; Don't tell me about deceiving; Cause you're the definition; You smile you look to kill; Oh it's sweet as crack cocaine; Don't tell me about believing; Yo...

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8. My Addiction

This time is complicated; This time I won't screw up; This time I swear I'll show you; Please just don't give up; This time I'm falling faster; I can never get enough; Each time I'm landing further; B...

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9. Next Best Kiss

The next best kiss; Come on baby; Tell me it's better than this; This can't be as good as it gets; Let's try and focus on the times we forget; Is this euthinasic; End all that's left; This feels a lot...

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10. Reckless

You orchestrate your life just like a melody; And your love just like a rhyme; Don't pretend, you knew just what it'd do to me; When you set my heart at double time; I had the world set up, panned out...

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11. Red Dress

It's not a first time offence; Keep prayin this is her chance; To turn away and change her life; But will she make the mistake; And turn a new fate away; Her love was just a lie; She puts on her best ...

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12. Rumble

Let'S Get Ready To Rumble! Knocked down, but ready to go; Back on my feet so you know; Watch out, you're looking for trouble; Let's dance honey, I'm ready to rumble; Get yourself back; Get yourself ba...

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13. Say All You Want

I'll bite my tongue; And keep my feelings to myself; Well I'm holding on; But I can't last much longer; I can't be stronger; While I'm sitting here burning in hell; But you'll say; But you'll say; You...

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14. Secret

Oh my god oh so have you heard; She's dating him; He's playing her; It's the truth I swear; I heard it from a friend of a friends girlfriend; Don't dare, don't dare tell anyone; You didn't hear it fro...

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15. Sometimes

Well it's too late; To revise your apologies; So put on that deserving tone; It may be 'superficial'; May be right or wrong but; I don't wanna be with someone not strong enough for me; This won't get ...

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16. Toxic

I think that everyone, everywhere's getting sick; This world is toxic; You look to your nearest neighbors and you'll find murders; This world is toxic; When love's a motive for hurting ourselves; We m...

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17. Worth It

Why does the early morning mirror; Only reflect in grey; I'll put my mask on I have worn for; One too many days; But when you offered me your hand; I thought, I don't wanna live this way; I couldn't l...

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