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1. Demention

There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity,...

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2. Deranger

I'm going to lead you, kicking and screaming, giggling and laughing, into the future. I'm going to relax you, I'm going to get you! A spiritually cleansing derangment of the senses. The happy choas ou...

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3. Gamma Goblins (in Dub)

"Now the dreaming period is subdivided into four stages. The first stage is the longest... and it's the best... During that stage, the dream is beautiful. The second stage... is not quite so long... a...

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4. Gamma Goblins Part 2

So what did they do? Did they drive the scary ones away from you at night? Well, I think there were snakes and leopards; but I haven't quite come to that.

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5. LSD

"I believe with the advent of acid we discovered new way to think and it had to do with piecing together new thoughts of mind. Why is it that people think it's so evil? What is it about it that there ...

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6. Mi-loony-um

I became tuned in on a network of neurological signals and cellular wisdoms that radiate hundreds and millions per second

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7. Shamanix

The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year. I'm on fucking fire!

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