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1. A Quien Le Importa

La gente me señalas; me apuntan con el dedo; susurra a mis espaldas; y a mi me importa un bledo. que mas me da; si soy distinta a ellos; no soy de nadie, no tengo dueño. Yo se que me critican; me cons...

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2. All The Arms Around You

When the vapour hits the air; When the button feels your touch; It's fall just like you sense; It'll fall just like you sense; Into some forgotten space; Where the envy and the hate; Swim around in fi...

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3. Call It Clear

listen up lovely; and hear what the evening sees in you; lilacs and landmines; you count on your fingers; pitches you ought to be and soon; just let them call you; why do you think you're here? troubl...

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4. Des Moines

You sit and deliver the bad news; It's time to re-silver your old tunes.. Staple the corners, throw rocks at the dormer stone, see the sliver for the bruise. ; The boy with such sad wings should stay ...

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5. Halloween

someone told me; stars will fall only when i am not looking; am not looking for anything tonight; shape of these hands; used to hold grown up where; whispered nonsense; underneath the leaves like a ch...

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6. Isis

A veces me pierdo; no se donde estoy; un día aparezco; en medio del gran cañón; trasmigración. Mi karma se altera; nirvana fatal; el hilo se afloja cuando; comienza mi viaje astral; litigio sideral; R...

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7. The Four Corners

by the time i get to arizona; you'll be falling from my grace; evergreens will lie about the season; as the daylight gives a chase; i would buy the planetarium; so no stars would fall; a sunset lost o...

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8. You're It

well hello little hellion; make yourself at home; unpack and i'll just hush; the clutter in the living room; that's another thing; where we both see; never touch; you're it; the silver on a little clo...

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