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1. Cry Tomorrow

Suddenly up and running; Letting the wild heart go free; Joy for th eup and coming; Maybe from now on i can be...happy; Patiently watching, waiting; Feeling the lightness of no fear; Thoughtfully cont...

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2. Don't Tell Me

There's no answer that comes easy; When you ask me what i fear; I am ill-equipped to tell you; You are ill-equipped to hear; Take for instance my aggression; Warnings you neglect to heed; When in fact...

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3. Following My

I am the navigator of the seas; I built the ocean from my tears; I go whichever way the wind might blow; I've been drifting for what seems a hundred ears; Tragically not knowing i could steer; The wav...

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4. Heaven Knows

Why do you call me? I gotta warn my heart; I don't ever wanna hurt you; But you always make me; Careful, careful darling; You're gonna fall on your face; I don't wanna be the one to save you; It isn't...

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5. Let It Rain

I have given; I have given and got none. Still i'm driven by something i can't explain; It's not a cross it is a choice; I cannot help but hear it's voice; I only wish that i could listen without sham...

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6. Moment In A Day

I think i'll take some time; Get away; And do something for me; I guess it's safe to say; A holiday; Is just the thing i need; And if i fly across the ocean; Could it take away the pain; I feel peacef...

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7. Nothing

One day i marvel at its beauty; And next i marvel at its pain; The world is such a big idea, such a big idea; And pain gets locked inside a child; And there's a child in us all; And that is such a big...

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8. Open Arms

It's breaking my heart the way thing are; Maybe it's you who needs to change; Maybe it's me who's gone too far; Late last night, i'm in my bed; I'm playing back the words you said; Take my heart and t...

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9. Proud Man

You worked your fingers to the bone; You sacrificed a happy home; Now you have nothing to show; My energy's wasted on you; You must be such a proud man; You must be such a very proud man; I waited on ...

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10. Seeds Of A Lifetime

How can i ist and watch; Let a good thing ride away; Suddenly all is lost; As i search for words to say; But all that comes are a million tears; One for every time i should have told you; Fear burns h...

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