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1. Arrow

Life begins to happen; When I plan somethin' else; Tryna be somebody; But all I got was someone else; My plans always changin'; Always rearrangin', oh; Slow it down, release control; Slow and steady, ...

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2. Awake At Night

Alone in a crowded room; My eyes will search for you; Abandoned by my company; I'll search for what's in front of me; And hope that I find something new; My heart is like the ocean searching; Searchin...

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3. Breakfast

I lay on the carpet; A wrench to let you in; Carbonating emotion; Tears rising to the rim; I fled to the walls, yeah; Be sure I'm surrounded; (Where no one can find me); But there's strength behind a ...

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4. Creature

Look inside of me and see that I am not afraid; To walk inside the void like a kid inside a cave; Discovering the patterns of my soul and where it's placed; I've been mapping many caverns but it still...

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5. Ice Cold

You're feeling that ice cold; Forgetting the good things; Caught up in the problems; Please stop complaining; Tell me something beautiful; Lovelier than usual; Hope is the closest; Haven't you noticed...

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6. Maybe

Feel the weight, feel the space in the void of my own time; I'm surrounded in pain passed down through my bloodline; And I have tried to escape from the maze but it's no usethese chains never break, n...

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7. Ok ok?

Far too great a toll it's played on me; The animal of destiny; I have seen it from afarsaw its teeth and felt its claws; Felt it ripping me apart; To find my place among the stars; Far too great a tol...

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8. Pure Gold

Breathe, what defines and describes your words; Climb, measure height by the winds, discern; Wait, for the tides of change will come; And reach, for the sight of being undone; Oh no, oh no, the beauty...

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9. Rest

It was something I believed in; Ain't no rest until the bank account's peakin'; They say the city never sleeps in; But living busy isn't giving you your worth; Slowing down is fighting back; The time ...

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10. Runaway

I've been searching, nothing's working; I've been tripping, no one's perfect; Chasing vision, just the surface; Shirt's on backwards, not on purpose, yeah; I've been learning, something bigger; Expect...

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11. Still Feel

When I'm furthest from myself •far away•; Feeling closer to the stars •outer space•; I've been invaded by the dark •can't escape•; Trying to recognize myself when I feel I've been replaced; I can feel...

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12. The Fall

These words are supposed to be simple; But it seems that's not the case; This page is staring back at me; I'm afraid to put a mark on its face; Oh, I'm just trying to introduce you; To this idea that ...

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13. The Notion

I was a little bit surprised; when you told me that everybody on your tour; had faith. I find it so rare meeting people; that are young and do believe here; I think it's why I find it so much easier; ...

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14. Tip Toes

Demanding my mind be set free; From wanting the things I don't need; My pride is hiding its lies behind all the dreams; Living inside; Delusion is weighing me down; It's taking the hope that I found; ...

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15. Trust

Trust is like a pond of murky water; Too dark to see, mysteriously undercover; I can't jump off the high dive even though I really want to; My toes are hanging off the ledge; Trust is a tree that towe...

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