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1. Dreams Of You

Tonight one more try; My bravest step in your direction; Like I have so many times; When It felt so right you think too right you think too much; You're my dream I always wake up from; I have this dre...

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2. Lacy Let's Go

I saw you September; Girl I miss the smile you used to flash at me; Now I remember; You looked me in the eyes and said you wanna leave; Come with me; We'll find a way out; Running free; All the way al...

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3. Skyline Eyes

Come with me; Just feel the energy; Hearts beat so temptingly; U-Undeniable; Say to me; Only the words you mean; I don't want anything; U-Unoriginal; Call it centripetal; So bring it full circle; Our ...

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4. Summer Of Love

2006 she's the one that I miss; The day that distance came between us; She knew I could tell with hands left un-held; That she was losing interest; I've waited so long here comes summer vacation; So i...

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5. The One For You

It was the heart; That was the part of you; That showed me just; How much I wanted to; Fall into love; With someone like you; Someone a lot like you; I know she's out there somewhere; Falling asleep w...

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