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1. Axis Of Cosmos

A vision burns into my mind; From centuries past; Wisdom passed down since history’s dawn; Once lost, now regained; Enslaved by an eastern lie; Our forefathers bound in chains; But a new age will dawn...

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2. Blood For The Gods

Blood shall flow; From severed necks; Corpses piled high; Hundreds dead; Bodies beaten bloody; Hanging from ropes; Traitors and cowards; Die as they choke; Resurgence of Blot; Kill the enemy; Burn the...

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3. Fimbulwinter

The arctic wind slices your skin; As winter falls upon the earth; Gods of the folk approach their nadir; Twilight approaching, nothing to live for; Ragnarok; The brutal end of all life; Brothers slain...

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4. Lord Of Chaos And Destruction

I am the cause of your agony; Bringer of misery and grief; Devastated lives; Fly before me like dust; Severed limbs decay; In floods of rotting waste; Disease tearing through; A wasted populace; Pick ...

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5. Sacrificial Blood

Sacrificed to the earth; They hang bled dry; Beginning to decay; As winter freezes flesh; A necessary task; To weed out the weak; Slit their throats; Earth feasts on the gore; At sunrise, gutted, hang...

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6. Slaughtering The Masses

Inflamed with seething venom; My mind pulses in disgust; Behold the verminous influx; Which spreads through this world; Mass consumption, zero consideration; Tiny minds induce catastrophic decay; Undo...

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7. Structures Of Mortality

Pillars of flesh and blood; Stretch toward the sky; Civilization eradicated; In the blink of an eye; Monuments to human futility; Built on the shells of the dead; Earthly ruin incarnate; Oceans of blo...

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8. The Execution Of Worthless Scum

Pissant self absorbed; Waste of life; Preaching hypocrisy; Enshrined mediocrity; This bullshit must stop; Violently silenced; Steel bar to the face; Knife twists in the spine; Vomiting blood from the ...

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