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1. 16 Cradles

Did not have a chance, fell into line; I'll rot down here for the meantime; Without a voice I'll never change; I slide back down this slope again; The second I began to see; I had my eyes ripped out a...

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2. Pyro

Feels good living in sin when I'm with you; We cheat, we lie, we beg for more abuse; Spit, don't talk, stand up, don't walk; Make enemies when you should not; Fight, don't love, drive drunk, don't tru...

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3. Runaway

Welcome to the end; Of everything that haunts me; Somehow I pretend; All was meant to be; I am not the saint here; Never the good son; Hell has taken over and I know; When I say "Go", runaway, runaway...

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4. Take Back The Fear

What I believe is all that I am; Take it away, I?m only a man; Back from the dead and now it appears; I?ll be the one to take back the fear; Kill or be killed, that isn?t me; Maybe it?s you dying to b...

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