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1. Black Serotonin

They're all watching like they know her; Foreign nightmare never over; Judging by their eyes, they've made up their mind; Locked away: Now they're taking her! Overstay: And they're keeping her! Let's ...

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2. Human Target Practice

Cover up; Load it up! Person down! Shoot to kill! Empty clip! Shoot to kill! Make sure that no one is looking! Public servant swine abuse: I thought we were over this? Did you see them kill him? Crush...

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3. Relax/Divide

Every time that you leave my house, I fear that your truck flips or crashes; I'm always assuming the worst; It's not healthy to be so fucking anxious and desperate; My train of thought always derails;...

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4. The 'Fun' In Dysfunctional

Nix that moment of love; Earning your trust; Tear it apart for us; My vision is rough; It isn't love; Tear it apart for us; Tainted flesh is all over the room; Toxic fumes make them nauseous; But I ne...

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