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1. Haiku D'etat

[Aceyalone:]; It's not a problem that I can't fix; 'cause I can do it with my bag of tricks; they're playing for keeps and for kicks; but they're building with popsicle sticks instead of bricks; the t...

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2. Los Dangerous

[ABSTRACT RUDE]; We get whylin; When we're freestylin; We bring the action; My rude abstraction; And when a crew stepped up; To test us; They found; We were dangerous; And they come high; Come low; Co...

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3. Non Compos Mentis

[Mikah 9]; Non compos mentis and moon struck; come, pompous apprentice and succumb; To this relentless, yes, the sun; rises and sets yet you see none; of it's effects until it's done; then you'd refle...

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4. Other Mc's

[Hook: x2]; We're not like them other MC's; We're not like your everyday average savage MC; We're not like these other rappers claimin' to be; I'm me I'm me (you control you own destiny); [Verse 1:]; ...

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5. Still Rappin

[CHORUS]; "You know when the day comes I'll still be rappin'; You know when the night comes we'll still be rappin'; Way back in the past days people were rappin'; Way up to the last day's we'll still ...

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6. Studio Street Stage

[Chorus:]; Caught up, burnt out and turned about; lurked about streets, about studio and stage; true ways to get paid; [Mikah 9:]; A chosen few I choose to roll in crews who be my trues; exposing fool...

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7. Wants Vs Needs

[CHORUS]; Forgetting the things you want; Versus getting the things that you need; And tell me how bad do you want it; And tell me how much of it's greed; [ABSTRACT RUDE]; You want wine; And need wate...

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