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1. Acorda

Se eu sinto; Também dá pra entender; Se eu vejo; Não tento esquecer; Eu vivo; Meu mundo impreciso; Um filme; Tão gasto repetido; Se um é um só; Inútil dividir; Se vou voar; Mais alto , não temo as fro...

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2. Casa Of Love

What brings me here? What am I longing for? What I was longing for; It just won't do anymore; Millions every day; Feel the same; Learning to learn; Wanting to change; Seeking to walk; Starting all ove...

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3. Happy

Dancing; As if I could swim in the air; Looking at the moon; And think it's smiling at me; Living; As if life were a stream; Not fighting; Against it as it is; Changing; When change is what it takes; ...

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4. Heart To Heart

Yume wo mitakute; Koko made kitayo; Tsuki kara mitara; Onaji sa; Akira menaide; Hana hiraku made; Ato kara mitara; Onaji sa; Kotoba nanka chigattemo; Heart wo onaji sa; Heart to heart; Sasageyoo kono ...

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5. I'll Wait

I light up a candle; I speak to your angel; I fill the room with roses; I'll wait in happiness; I look deep inside; I understand the reasons why; I cherish every day; And wait in happiness; Even thoug...

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6. Nananananana

Escute; Nanananana; Rashu aua; Hitogomi ni; Nagasareteku ah ah; Suretigau; Densha no mado; Anata no kao ah ah; Omoideno; Kono miti o; Ima wa hitori ah ah; Miagereba; Kumorizora; Hitori no heya ah ah; ...

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7. Talking To The Sun

I , I just wanna see; I just wanna feel it; In a simple way; I just wanna live; Trying to remember; All the simple things; Simple things like this; When it´s sad I cry; When it´s not I laugh; I get a ...

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8. The Only Reason

Time and again I get the same; What do you want from life; I'm not sure you'll understand; It's kinda hard to be defined; It makes the sun shine; It makes a new day rise; It can be greater than life; ...

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9. Vision

I ran so hard; To end up; Wanting more; Different faces; And names; But I've been here before; Different places; They feel; The same; I need a way; To get out; Of this maze; To the left there's a wall...

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10. You and Me

It's not about a trip; It's not about a hobby; It's not about the clichés they repeat; It's not about a party; Where everyone was there; I haven't got that sorta time to spare; It's not about the ties...

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