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1. Ancient Times

The dawn of new millenium; Bring the wind an old song…; Memories of distant times; Keep the pain, slavery and lies; I see the fever in their eyes, they run as blind men; Seeking for light, enslave and...

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2. Feeling Machine

Cry! Confusion, fear and pain; Blind, we follow our destiny; Why the end is always the same? We born and die living a life of lies; Like a nightmare again and again; My conscience condemn my desires; ...

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3. Psichologic Pressure

Mind mine can’t decode; the rules of a game tracherous; when the eyes don’t see the light; of reality; you don’t feel, don’t understand; what’s happened around you? Blood scatter in the news; I see di...

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4. Reflect Through The Mirror

Why? forever insane in a world of desilusions, cruel and so real…; Shadows in my room suffocate my thoughts, the mirror in the wall reflect one body sick and frail; while my mind maddens! Searching fo...

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