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1. A Rose For Epona

Do you feel the thorns? do you see the tears? do you see the blood shed in this fell war? have you forsaken us? have you forgotten our faithful men calling your name? while I stand before you; while w...

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2. Battle Song

Hear the sound of swords fulfill the night; feel the winds of death on your skin; see the arrows fly, flaming in the sky; hear the screams of men, as they die; as the die; we won this battle with migh...

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3. Berserker's Requiem

Against shields I charge; Spears and swords I block; When the chance comes; I will crush their heads; The odds to survive; Are now but none; Dilacerating those bastards; I hold my ground; Eyes filled ...

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4. Cursed Dwarf

All over the golden castle; A whining echoed; When a monstrous birth; Brought the third heir of the lion; A shame for his father; Condemned by the family; Exposed as a freak; The imp had a heavy burde...

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5. Dethroned Tyrant

The king's words; "Pay what I demand; If you do desire to live; Otherwise my army will hunt you all; No one will be able to flee"; We shall fight against his opression; The king does not own our lives...

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6. Hidden Tears

Time has come; look what've you become; a fearless man; with generous heart; my Lovely last born son; Now you're a man; and you have to leave; find your love; and make your dreams come true; we will m...

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7. Iron

The silence breakes the ground; a shadow is riding the horizon; an arcane man arrives to town; remoresless and condemned; tasted the snake's poison; broken every bone; felt a thousand gunshot wounds; ...

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8. Keelhauled

My friends, I stand before you; to tell a truth most dire; there lurks a traitor in our midst; who hath invoked the captain's ire; he don't deserve no mercy; we ought to shoot him with a gun; but I am...

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9. Let Us Bring Something For Bards To Sing

May the gods be with us; While we tread our path; To fulfill our fate; We go without regrets; In search of wisdom; Treasures and battles; We travel across the horizon; Uncovering all the unknown; Thro...

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10. March To Glory

An ancient bard had a vision; "Tonight the end will come; A mighty army will come from the north; To burn our kingdom to the ground"; But we decided to fight; To protect our friends and family; I recr...

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11. Mystical Land

From father to son a tale is passed; About a mystical land; Where the sun is warmer; And moon shines brighter; Everyone sings and dances; But if you find it, you will never come back; From this land s...

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12. Sail To War

Walking on white plains; Coldness surrounds us; In search of a ship; To travel far east; We've got nothing to offer; We've got nothing to trade; When we find this ship; It'll be better if nobody is ar...

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13. Stormborn Queen

Start the freedom revolution; Conquer an army with bright light; Disgrace taught her retribution; The true heiress is ready to fight; See the dragons' breath in the sky; As blood and fire shows us the...

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14. The Pursuit Of Vikings

The warming sun returns again; and melts away the snow; the sea is freed from icy chains; winter is letting go; standing on the ocean side; we can hear the waves; calling us out with tide; to sail int...

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15. Until The End Of Day

All the rules I'm breaking down; I'm leaving my den with a vow; And there's no how; I'd go back now! Striking enemies with my sword; Making my way through the unexplored; Facing some hordes (without f...

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16. Vodka

Vodka! you're feeling stronger; vodka! no more feeling bad; vodka! your eyes are shining; vodka! you are the real man; vodka! washes away your tears; vodka! removes your fears; vodka! everyone is gorg...

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17. War For The Dawn

The long night; Came as a whisper; It froze everyhing, everywhere; A never ending winter; Brught hunger and horrors, no one could bear; Demons from the lands of aways winter; Marched towards the kingd...

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18. Warrior's Legacy

Since we were born; We were chosen to fight; To be the heroes of our land; Honoring our sacred sand; Gods blessed our swords; With glory and might; No matter how hard one tries; No mortal can take our...

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