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1. Alone

I don't belong; Slowly slip back inside of my mind; Where the weather's warm; Shielding me from all judgmental eyes; So I won't lie to you; Because I know what love is; And that's why ours is good; No...

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2. Cloud Nine

Hey there's our heaven dissolving; Some broken universe unfolding; Foreign futures by night; Lit by distant insight; You took all of; You took all of my faith; And there's no sense here; Just so empty...

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3. Dust

Still; The space and the time; Doesn't it flow like; Shadows entwined; Forget about us; Alone on the mountain; Lost to the sound; I can't feel enough; To be the weight of us; I can't feel enough; I ca...

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4. Earth Not Above

Some of us need kindness; An act that we learn; A sun from the wasteland, calling; Bringing us back home; Shadows will guide us; Show us what's true; Thoughts of the garden calling; I faded out too so...

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5. Full Circle

We've come full circle; Like a serpent coiling no end; Just the same mad circus; Wait; For blood to blossom; The saints and soulless to mend; Like we've all forgotten again; Round again; Coming round ...

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6. Oracle

Hear me out; Watch as the sky falls down; Dissolve under caustic cloud; Spin as the world goes round; Savour the calm; Savour the calm; For your salvation; Savour the calm; Senseless sick; Caught up i...

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7. Pray

Well, you just can't hold the heist; Like sunday skies; And broken rhymes; Run out of love, lost our way; To pass the clouds; And rolling waves; Pray don't fall down; Pray don't fall down; Pray don't ...

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