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1. Alone In The End

Every word, exactly what I need. horrible truths erased; quiet whispers spin me in perfection; where nothing can be wrong. her body shudders in ecstasy as I caress her flesh. The sound of her breathin...

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2. Consumed In Nothing

I'm empty and cold as I realize nothings real; falling into the abyss of fake; dying inside rotting beneath; unable to persevere; consumed by nothingness; drowning in my filth; craving the embrace; su...

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3. Decayed

white washed bleeding sky; breathing vision slowly dies; enclosed a capsule; no mind no desire; a violent revolution; a poisoned awakening; choking cold... asphyxiation... five deaths... kill temptati...

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4. Dilated

insomnia; too exhausted to be awake; too full of life to sleep; full of questions; about the horror which tomorrow brings; about the love I wont let myself feel; turning and rolling, tremble and cough...

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5. Failed Existence

fallen into hell. contained in my failed existence; apathy has control, there is no hope; no shelter from endless failure; I cannot care... I cannot win; my shell... my shell of disbelief; shattered.....

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6. Fall

force-fed emotion; not grief not sorrow not fake; sour and pungent; tear stained face; hate is forgotten; useless shit falls away; above it all; fuck fate; emotion--dissolves--hatred returns--too weak...

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7. Illusion Of Life

endless filth; covering every inch of poisoned earth; no way to escape; the endless bile piling up at the back of my throat; no purity it's an illusion that never was; their shit stained face leaves m...

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8. My Eyes Are Open

The world you pulled over my eyes; Finally revealed; Released from my illusion; That you could actually be; You never let me breathe; Smothered in the fake; That you made seem true; My weakness is you...

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9. Silence (these Lies, These Truths)

in her silence I hear no rejection; in her silence I hear no truth; why can't I see the truth to save myself; no I know she lies; wordless but still I can hear; her lips have yet to move; two voices t...

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