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1. Bugging For Mercy

You turn me on, I turn you off; You scream out loud, I come above; I spread my wings, you feel it itch; You make me burn now; be my bitch; The parasites are coming; The parasites are coming home; They...

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2. Circus Coccus Spirilly

The circus, the circus coccus spirilly; There is something inside me; I don't know why, but I think it will prevail; The death comes clearly, I see everyday like it's a chase; Death within, I feel it ...

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3. Coulrophobia

You slash the truth and I slash your neck; And - bring - the circus back; You stink of fear, you feel my hate; Cause I'll bring the circus back to town; Nevertheless, I'll take your flesh; And for the...

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4. Cure The Obscure

I - fill - fill - fill my pockets cause you're ill; I travel much: I travelled round the world -; To - find - something obscured; I learned in the past, that things that shock will last; Will - last -...

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5. Damn (You're Dead Again)

The gate is opened, I come to make demands; You think you can choose, But you don't have a chance; Dead Again; You fool around and still can't see:; The worlds has changed and it's not; As rosy as it ...

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6. Feed The Lions

Thank the Lord, He sent his Son! The Christians came, They're much more fun to play with; Well send them; Out on the stage, Where lions wait, With hunger, salivating; Christians for sale, christians f...

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7. Holy Slapstick

The black robe makes you trust; Wearing the cross and feeling so close to him; And that's why:; I - play'n my role, feeling so strong; I am the priesterman, am the priesterman; And I - tortured and vi...

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8. Infinite Family

All I've kept is in this small box; It is heavy and full of all the thoughts gone past; I once had a vision and it took me on a mission; Blocking all morals - how nice it feels! ; Mine; Half of your b...

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9. Maculate Conception

Advising science; And call the ambulance; I see angels fly; And questioning why; I - feel - like; Bursting inside; I feel I'm pregnant, Something grows inside me; Can't get rid of it, It won't dissape...

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10. Magic Malignacy

Compurgation of my dreams; Compurgation of my dreams - Begone! I - I must please my - soul, By - ripping you from neck to ass; Somehow - I statisfy - life; I - hope to find something to behold; My spi...

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11. Raze The Curtain

You wake up in this cage, Enchained, surrounded by gore; Decapitation starts and the people want more; We're the circus, We're the circus to drive you mad; We're the circus, We're the circus of the de...

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