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1. Branding Iron

Fire from within; Fire from below; Fire deep in me; Fire from the sky! The embers never died out; Subconscious slumber; Smoke from the deepest chasms; Now obscures the light; From longforgotten realms...

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2. Christ Fire

Burn black cross; Sea's fire; Red beast ship; Sailing slow, smooth pain; Black sails; Pentagram emblem in the mountains; Black rising mountains; Darkest ship... ; Christ Fire; Spine of life; Closest t...

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3. Hatred Is Immortal

Buried under black soil; Rotting and rusting away; But never forgotten until this day; Twisting and turning; To be freed from this capture; Ready again to awake in Rapture! Hatred is Immortal! It will...

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4. My Forest Dwelling

Inside my forest dwelling; No light can enter; No life distracts me; Of my eternal slumber; In solitary confinement; Shrouded in mist and darkness; One with the Essence; Of Nature and its majestic; Si...

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5. The Elemental's Revenge

Roaring thunder; Lightnings scorched the Earth; A flood is rising; Fire and water consuming life; Mayhem from the skies! The final ordeal for mankind; The elemental's revenge; Now the price will be pa...

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