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1. Archangel

Hey Gabriel, how do u feel today? Are you wings tired? Can you see your shadow on the souls of the human race? There must be something inside of me, I see you’re shining …; Archangel; It gets a little...

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2. Be Gone

Such a nice day for spin around; The spirit world; I knew it was really you in there; Despite all your disguise; You know that hell is waiting; You’re leaving today; Disciple in the making, You might ...

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3. Dream Away

Look at yourself on one fine day; As another poor boy is blown away; Look for the light of pure mankind; As another poor child is left behind; Look at the streets they begin to crack; Too many people ...

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4. Heavy Mettle

You stole my victory; Inside this destiny; I was too blind to see; You are the enemy; Say it is so, this mettle is heavy; So you think you get to me; I’ve got news for you you’re history; Say it is so...

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5. Here Comes The Rain

Here I am, caught in your light; These cold summer nights I remember well; Home and away I run from you; But there's still too much to tell; And I wanted you to stay; But we're still on the borderline...

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6. Imaginez ("dream Away" Em Francês)

Regarde toi par une belle journée; Quand y a un autre gamin qu’on fait sauter; Cherche l’éclat pur d’humanité; Quand y a un pauvre enfant abandonné; Regarde les rues se transformer en egout; Il y a tr...

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7. King Neptune

Wait for the light to find you, those tears in a stream behind you; Outside where the wind’s calling, we’ll know it’s your voice inside; And I say; King Neptune, is just a kiss away; Let me shake hand...

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8. Liquid Jesus

Can you take me higher? Can you fall to me through the rain? Help me burn this fire and wash away this pain; Can you take away the liars? Burn them in all of your fire? Inject you straight into my hea...

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9. So Strange

In the night, you're the light, oh too much; Running wild, like a child, oh too much; Cos you only wanted to watch the moon glow; I think I'll find I've the time to say it doesn't matter anyway; 'Cos ...

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10. Suicide Alice

Alice was her name; Never did know her game, it was another lie; She never heard a word I said; Just looked at me in the face with another smile; Bleeding all the way, And opening up the doors she too...

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11. Tra La La

With lives you have played like little toys; The curse that you placed on our little boys; Their lives to be spurned before they began; So we must slay you here once again; I will not sell this soul t...

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12. Waste Some Time

It's time to wake up, I think it's that time of day; It's time to shake up, you don't care 'cos you wanna play; It ain't so hard to see you forgot your alibi; Your god is Erogenous, he will set you fr...

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13. Will You?

You drink your coffee, I sip my tea and we're sitting here, playing so cool; Thinking what will be will be; It's getting kind of late now, I wonder if you'll stay now, Stay now, stay now, stay now, or...

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