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1. Beyond The Roads

When nothing seems to be right; And darkness seems bigger than light; When the last candle wipes out; And the flame of hope die; When you feel like you were living in vain; And you can´t hang on the p...

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2. Falling Down

I’m hidden behind my own feelings; And there isn’t much left for me; I just try not to look back; To see how far you are from me; But i see you face in every place; In every thing i touch; And i feel ...

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3. Voiceless

...and now that times had change; I´m strong as you´ll never be; You´ve always wanted me down; (so depressed as you may be); ...right now, all alone, you´ve begun to feel the truth; So you sit down an...

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4. Voicelless

Voiceless; (chorus); I've got out of your side; 'till the turn of the tide; and now that life has made me; stronger, be proud with my life; and now that time has change; I'm strong as you'll never be;...

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