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1. And Us

I wish, you want. I love, you like. I have, you think. I walk, you stop. and us live; li-li-live; and us live; live-li-live; I cry, you smile. I say, you listen. I travel, you work. and us are perfect...

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2. Boom!

I see the circus catching fire, I see parents against childrens; See the senseless violence, The incredible is that no one see. ; People need to make up; And see that; The world is at war. We must rea...

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3. Constellations

Ô ô ô ô ô hhh; Prepare my spaceship, I fly, I touch the sky; Go! I'll discover worlds, Galaxies, constellations; Go! Sometimes seem isolated, as if he lived; A simple soap bubble. ; Let's just who is ...

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4. Eye To Eye (Iam Seselles)

Drik up cause about she is my! Eye to eye, ok? look at titanium.. Seem my heart a break, but; Never, never; Stayed at my farm; To meet me. ; Marry me, Live on me, Eye to eye. ; I can be a stupid boy, ...

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5. Fireplace

Fireplace, Is you girl my girlfriend, Fireplace, Is tonight together you, Fireplace, fireplace, You are my fireplace. ; Kiss me girl, Is a winter in my heart, Is cold night, To think over we, To think...

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6. Greenday (It's The End)

You says, that us are wrong. You says, that I could but I'll stands on my blame. You says, that now I'm guilty, what's the way? this moment are lat so far (my tears); (CHROUS); This moment true, imagi...

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7. I Need You Girl

introdução; I need you far, I need you, where? I need your words, for like sky, need to clouds, I need you girl.... ; yéah! yéah! yéah! baby, I can get away; baby, turn me on; well I need you far, wel...

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8. Inventions

Feeling alive, And inventing a way; For you ro notice me. Live dreaming, And reflecting; Until you love me. ; I prefer to do so; Turn the situation around, Disguise the lonely; And see, That I love yo...

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9. Look At Mirror

There days, in which a simple act; becomes; impossible. ; there days, to llok at mirror; hurts you, hurts you. ; you can not believe; which it became; then put fake smile; in the face, and hides as mu...

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10. More?

I can go one, I can go two, I can go three times. I broke my face. but I continue; I don't regreat later. ; more? it hurt me, more? it broke me, but I continue, my love. I won't give up of us. ; uo uo...

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11. Real Life

I remember well, When the person could be happy. When hey lived in harmony, No fights or wars. I discovered that it was all a dream, It was impossible; Real life is hard, I know! But I live whit my fe...

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12. Stampede

The time is now. Life does not wait. Live intensely every moments. Think, fight. Conquer, lives... Is a race against time, a stampede. Live all you can, Face whatever comes. Live, grab, Do not miss, D...

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13. That's Crazy

That's crazy, I done it, but you break me, And now? I let you girl, Baby, I'm full to you; Drug!drug! You make me feel a dr.crazying! Shit it! That's all that I haveto say, Love you! Excuse my ignoran...

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14. The Hero and The Secret

Is the clumsy, That now forsake, That to me, bye. Go I feel, to ask me our love, Let so broken, crying. ; That live someting; Already causes; Don't is everything. (everything); In life of the one peop...

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15. Their Faces

One day, One night, Life goes on, You be a disguise, Someone who is not. ; This is unavoidable, uncontrollable; For you? Even wanting to; I can not understand, That your game; That attracts me like a ...

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16. Think About It

I remember well, Afternoons of autumn. The promises and vows of love. Each dried sheet on the ground, Is a piece of my heart. You changed our plans for someone who just wants; Make you suffer. And the...

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17. What I Got To Say?

Was a frightening reaction, A side effect. You got the bags, Laid on the door, Oppened the window; Threw a world of words that harm,hurt. ; All this for nothing; You threw me out of your life. For a r...

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18. Where Have You Saved Me

Where have you saved me? (2x); You got me now, All this for you, This song, this smile,this face, All for you. ; Now I wonder, where have you saved me? In my cry,my tears, my pain... Girl, you saved m...

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