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1. Die Tonight (Featuring Raul Oliveira)

I keep dying every night; Wishing you were here; Wishing you were back; Forever is gone; Forever's don't last; Still that burning question... ; I won't die tonight; I won't die; I won't cry; I will be...

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2. Fly The Earth

I don't know if I can go on anymore; It's just been too long since you've been gone; I don't know if we can change it up; So hard to be with you here; If you change, change the way you feel; Come to m...

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3. Revenge

Tonight I wanna tell you; You were wrong; 'Till today, I wasn't strong; Still the days went by and I could see; How much of a pain you were to me; Now I feel it's coming through; Something that I shou...

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4. Stars

It's been a long time; Quite a long while; Jessica: No, seriously, I'm not even in love, I can't sing this! Franco: Yeah, 'cause you're made of pure darkness! Way to go, gothic lady! Jessica: Thank yo...

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