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1. I Think We're Alone Now

Ariel, too close to tell; Which gaps exist; Which girls you've kissed; Sleep in monolips like windows; Bratty drummer; Learns to impose; I think we're alone now; We are, we are, we are; I think we're ...

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2. Iskra Goodbye

New one, talking and holding out; Talk to you, never was another; Constellations hanging on your ceiling; New inky feelings scratch and pout black you out; New one, new one; Deep sleepvoid of voids co...

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3. Play

Oh headless men; The music of friends; Sharking their way through the sheets; An ocean of boys; Neckties for toys; Never more dead than discreet; Touching his face; There was a trace; That he was in l...

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4. Sleep Detective

I was in hands; Now understand; That in those hands I was a man; I fell asleep; In vaguest arms; My Vedic friend, who never ends; My head the cop; Is mouthing off; Learned how to talk and's mouthing o...

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